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12495 Silver Creek Road
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Mon-Friday: 7:30am – 5:30pm
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What’s your general philosophy on childcare?

Our philosophy at Juniper Hills Academy is to create a safe, calm, and loving environment where children have the opportunity to explore and enrich their world socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually for optimal growth.

How many children can attend the daycare and what is your child to caregiver ratio?

Juniper Hills Academy is licensed to have up to 38 children in our center. Our ratio for infants is four infants to one teacher, toddlers is five children to one teacher, and pre-k is 18 children to one teacher.

What do you serve for meals and snacks?

We follow USDA MyPlate recommendations for all meals and snacks. For a sample of our menu, you can email or we can provide you one when you schedule a tour at our daycare center.

For infants who are taking bottles, how do you handle frozen or pumped breast milk or formula preparation?

Every teacher takes bottle feeding training that includes information on how to handle and store breastmilk and prepare formula. We have a freezer in our kitchenette for frozen milk bags and a refrigerator in each infant room for pumped milk and formula bottles. We do ask that parents label all milk and breastmilk with the child’s first name and last initial and that any fresh or frozen milk is dated alongside this information.

What activities do you do with the children?

Juniper Hills Academy’s teachers write lesson plans following the theme schedule and the MyTeachingStrategies curriculum. A wide variety of activities are included over the day including circle time, writing and drawing, math, literacy, sensory, social-emotional skill building as well as events for the children including a summer camp with water play, movie days, and in-house field trips.

How do you handle discipline or behavioral problems?

We use the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) operational positive discipline and guidance policy as well as Dr.Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline model that instills self discipline in the children in our care. A copy of each will be provided at enrollment. For more information about Conscious Discipline please visit

Can parents drop by whenever they’d like?

Juniper Hills Academy has an open-door policy for parents to be able to visit whenever they like. In light of current events regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, this has had to be restricted. We are currently not allowing any parents or parent volunteers to enter the center any further than the foyer while we are under the emergency rules for childcare centers. However, under normal circumstances parents are always welcome. Parents are required to have a valid ID on their person at all times while inside the building.

Can parents breastfeed at the center?

We operate as a breastfeeding friendly center and have a dedicated nursing room upstairs in our facility. We ask mothers to let us know when they plan to come by to breastfeed and to sign-in before every feeding.

What happens if we’re late to pick-up or need to miss a day due to vacation or illness?

We have a $5 per minute, per child late pick up fee that begins at close. This fee is non-negotiable. If you need to miss a day, you can use the MyTeachingStrategies Family App to let us know how long your child will be out and the reason for the absence.

What’s your sick-child policy?

Our illness pick-up policy states that children must be picked up within an hour of calling the parent. Children are sent home for a fever of 100℉ or greater, vomiting twice in a 2 to 3 hour period, having three loose stools in a 2 to 3 hour period, having red, crusty eyes with discharge, an infectious skin disorder, a diagnosis of a communicable disease without a doctor note stating that they are no longer contagious, symptoms so severe that the child is visibly uncomfortable at daycare, or symptoms so severe that the child needs greater care and are a detriment to the other children. Children are not to return to the center for at least 24 hours unless they have a doctor statement stating they are no longer infectious. 



What are your policies regarding immunizations?

We require an updated list of your child’s immunizations or a signed affidavit.

What is the potty-training procedure?

We will only work with your child on potty training when you are working with them at home. We require parents to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss their potty training plan and we will follow the same plan at the daycare.

How, and how often, do you sanitize the toys and materials used by the children?

We use the three-step sanitization technique to clean all surfaces and toys, washing with soap and water, rinsing with water, and sanitizing with a disinfectant safe for use around children. If we have a communicable disease reported we will use our bleach protocol, switching the disinfectant for a bleach and water mix, safe for use around children. Toys are currently being cleaned 3 times a day.

Do you offer a daily report?

Yes, we use Tadpoles to communicate with parents throughout the day.  We also provide a daily report through the MyTeachingStrategies Family App and will email you the report upon check out. You can enter notes into the family app for your child’s teacher in the morning before drop off.

What security measures do you take for your facility?

We have a pin pad on our front door that only the parents and staff have the code for. The door self-locks after 30 seconds. For further protection, we have a child lock on all our Dutch doors and children are only released to people on their designated pick up list. If a teacher doesn’t recognize a pick up person they will ask for an ID, if one cannot be produced, we will not release the child. Additionally, we have monthly fire drills and practice shelter in place/intruder drills 3 times a year, as required by the Texas DFPS. We have an emergency plan in place in the event of any and all emergencies, a copy of which is available upon request.